Online games

List of currently online Dreamcast games:

  • Phantasy Star Online (v1 & v2)
  • Quake 3 Arena
  • Starlancer
  • 4×4 Evolution
  • Maximum Pool
  • Planet Ring
  • Toy Racer
  • ChuChu Rocket!
  • The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition
  • Alien Front Online
  • PBA Tour Bowling 2001
  • TBA

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  1. Planet ring is also online (

  2. I hear you’re working on Chu Chu Rocket too. Is that true?
    Is there any possibility we’ll be seeing Daytona USA 2001 online again too. You have already done great progress with Alienfront online and Toy Racer, guess I can dream, right? Kreygasm

    • I personally am not working on it, but I know a few others who are.
      Regarding Daytona, maybe in the future. Not likely at the moment though.

      • How likely does it look for Chu Chu Rocket? I haven’t heard anything as to the progress and have always been really hoping that it might come back online someday soon. :D

  3. Does starlancer work again?

    • Seems like Starlancer is currently offline.

      “Starlancer is currently offline. It went offline in the summer of 2014 when the Gamespy servers shut down. Currently the available Gamespy homebrew software is not working but there may be a fix in the future.”

  4. Will these games work online in U.K aswell ?

  5. Hey Petter3k, really impressed with the work you are doing getting these DC games back online – just wanted to say well done!

  6. Dont forget Sega Swirl and Doom homebrew also work online :)

  7. is the TBA games mean their the ones that’s coming back online soon ?

  8. Petter3k, thank you for your effort ! We are already playing the games you have worked on. I’m giving my support at this moment in paypal. Please if you can send me an email telling something i can help in the actual projects. I`m systems analyst, working with development in PL/SQL, C# languages. But can learn other skills to help. Sorry bad english

  9. What about Bomberman Online? Is that one doable?

  10. Can you bring back NBA 2k1 back online it would be cool

    • Yeah well done! Thank for the heads up! Numerous people have had this working 98-99% but to get to 100% is definitely time well spent. Great to see other doing work aswell!

  11. Alien front is online now?

    • Looks like he is currently testing the AFO server with probably people who donated and that is cool… I am happy the people who had the $$ to help are getting something for it other than of course faster progress lol…. Keep up the great work man…. I do want to bug you about something petter3k… How many servers can you host on a single PC and how many players/games could I support with a Dedicated Desktop with a AMD FX 8 Core CPU and 16+ GB of ddr3 ram, and 500+gb of SSD hard drive

  12. Well that depends – this particular game supports 8 player online, and while the servers are designed to run on modern hardware, I cannot answer that before we actually test that in a scenario with many servers deployed.

  13. PBA Tour Bowling 2001 back online :)

  14. Are the servers okay? It seems that everytime I get online I’m disconnected after a little bit.

    • I recommend trying without the router first, after checking that you have your DC in a DMZ (with the correct DC IP). Seems like a client issue where you are not allowing traffic IN. Im not the one hosting them though, hence the platform change in the announcement post. Let me know how it goes!

  15. all servers online ?

  16. when is world series baseball coming?

  17. Street Fighter third strike online? Japan version has online mode

  18. If you would like to help bring more DC games back online please shift all future donations to
    The money goes directly to people like Shu who has brought 4 games back and more to come! It also helps pay for server costs and Dreampi developer Luke!

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