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  1. Hello friend, how are you? I hope that yes … Well, I am with a small problem intriguing, since the time that I have had the server Toy Racer online by FreeBSD. I could Never connect my Dreamcast by BBA. The strange thing was that, listening to the doors in tcpdump, by FreeBSD, connecting the Dreamcast arrived perfectly! The problem is that does not connect in any way!
    I would like to know if using some characteristic configuration, some definition in Dreamcast to that possible connection. Because I use a virtual server (Cloud Server) with dedicated IP, hosted in a data center in Brazil, there are no filters on my server, all ports are released! Including the connection reaches the server directly from my Dreamcast, but my DC cannot connect!
    Appears the server screen, showing that the same is 100 %, but the problem is when I click on connect … He takes and returns error message stating that it was unable to connect … The interesting thing is that game usually PSO v2 in my BBA by Dreamcast and also Quake 3 Arena, in which I have a dedicated server that have strayed!
    You could show what settings you have set on your device? Some address recursive DNS? You put your server Toy Racer on a server with the DNS service? Your DNS is recursive? Your DNS is the same server address Toy Racer? Or put the DNS of Google? Or even left the default settings for your modem (DHCP) ?
    I would be very grateful if show the solution to this problem, or at least try to give a light, because we are many in Brazilian community that is at all costs, with their respective BBAs, connect to our server, but without success. Thank you and I would like to leave our public address here for the lovers of this game and also Quake 3 Arena, in which have strayed! (

    • Hello Pedro, and its great that you are helping the Dreamcast community by hosting servers.

      Here are som tricks you may try:

      1. Set up your BBA with DHCP through XDP browser. (I use DHCP for everything ie:
      2. Try configuring your toyserver.cfg and change TCP/UDP ports.
      3. Try to connect again.

      There seems to be some issues with certain setups in that the client waits for icmp echo replies. Make sure you dont have disabled icmp echo replies in your sysctl.conf or similar. I had to turn off firewall on my server to make the requests go through aswell.

  2. important note: I’m now hosting the Toy Racer Server through Windows application therefore canceled my FreeBSD VPS for cost reasons among other private affairs.

  3. Hi Petter3k,
    did you manage to get ToyServer source code? If so, will you distribute it?
    Anyway, thank you for all your hard work.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately the source code will not be distributed and belongs to the former employees of No Cliche.

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