Thanks to various people over at Visual Concepts, Ubisoft, Epic Games, NOKIA and various former employees at SEGA for giving us a hand, and a special thanks goes to Frantz Cournil and Frederick Raynal for giving us a hand with the server software for Toy Racer.

People not mentioned, you know who you are.


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  1. Thanks a lot!!! You are doing something amazing for all dreamcast enthusiast, hope we’ll see more games back online :D

  2. Petter3k i wanna help with speed devils online someone have any news?
    Because i dont know for where i can start.
    Did you know if speed devils online use nokia too?
    Well i remember that the server of speed devils online had a ranking of players like a database.
    So your informations stay on this database when you log to your account.
    I think this work will be more hard than others.
    I’m database marketing, system analyst on brazil
    Thank you for all.
    And Congratulations.

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