Games that are currently work in progress:


  • Worms World Party (Status: Testing phase #4.)
  • Unreal Tournament (Status: Project on hold. Need sources.)
  • POD: Speedzone (Status: Probably can work out a deal later this year.)
  • Speed Devils: Online Racing (Status: Same as above.)
  • Monaco Grand Prix: Racing Simulation 2 (Status: Same as above.)
  • WSB2K2 (Status: And/or related games. Server-development in progress.)
  • Full “SNAP” server emulation (Status: Now in the forseeable future.)



Playstation 2:





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  1. Any chance to see bomberman online back online? Anyway thanks a lot for your hard work and all the social engineering done so far! Nice Christmas present for all DC fan!!!

  2. I want Outtrigger servers … I love this game … I played this game, when i was a kid … ))) Old Times Forever … Please, Back Online Outtrigger … I am is from Russia … Hello from Russia … Respect … I make video of online games a Playstation 2 and Dreamcast … If you wants, then visited my channel on youtube: CHEVCHELIOS01 (DreamcastFANpro) … Thanks. Guys ! ))) I waiting Trigger :)

  3. OUTTRIGGER PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bring outrigger back now please !!!!!!!! BEST FPS ON DC I EVER PLAYED HANDS DOWN !!!!!!!!

  5. OUTTRIGER PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Friends developers. We have a large community playing PSO. It would be possible to try to contact BlueCrab, Sylverant developer, PSO private server. For that you can also create a GUI for Windows? I have no knowledge about programming but I leave here my suggestion. A hug.

    • Sylverant Servers were all built on top of FreeBSD. To keep a ship, it is necessary to use the same technology … Only the SCHTHACK this can be possible, however, the disadvantage is that the server does not support the VER2, that is our beloved Dreamcast. I suggest using the Cygwin.. Unfortunately, it is the only known available, since you don’t have as much knowledge in BSD.

      An important note: To maintain the Sylverant as ship particular, you’d have to get a key with the BlueCrab to aggregate the ship master him. AND with Cygwin installed, in order to operate, requires no knowledge of programming, but yes, the FreeBSD operating system. There are many articles online how to operate the Cygwin, using commands of BSD. You will not have many difficulties … Study, focus, search!

  7. Just had to say thanks for all the hard work. I cant believe all the progress and leads you have come up with in the past few years. I hope good results can come out of this. We truly need more bba games online as this would increase numbers of players regularly. 3 games is hard to justify a bba for many. Two of which are playable on PC. keep up the good work!

  8. Awesome, the list just keeps on getting better and better! Keep up the good work, it’s really awesome to see your hard work come to fruition.

  9. What exactly does “Using GameLoft servers – Waiting for approval” mean? Did you actually get GameLoft to host the games again?

  10. There are some news about outtrigger?

  11. Hey Petter3k! When BE new news for dreamcast online?! What’s with Alien Front Online, Outtrigger? Why dcserv not rotation news ????????

    EDIT: I should probably learn English before posting comments

  12. Hi Guys

    I understand the servers are in testing for games like Worms World Party and Alien Front Online, is there anyway that I can become a tester to help out in anyway (based in the UK)

    Also regarding POD there is a PAL version called POD 2 is that currently being worked on to bring back online?

  13. If only i wasn’t a teenager and had better networking and programming knowledge, i would try to help in any way possible

  14. It’s really cool to see the 2k sports on the works in progress. I’d greatly enjoy some NBA2k2 multiplayer. it’d be a nice change of pace from the current library

    Could you elaborate the difference between Kage Lite emulation and full Snap emulation? Would the full Snap emulation be all of the Kage games restored under one Snap bootstrap server? If you feel like typing up in-depth more in-depth/technical articles of the different project statuses i’d enjoy the read. I find the process of this kind of stuff interesting

    • Thanks. The sports titles are using a very similar networking setup, so reviving one should make it alot easier to revive the others. During development, the developers bypassed the whole lobby/game-room servers as the games are largely P2P. Knowing this, the feature for connecting two consoles together without a server was left out in the commercial release of the games and may not be so easy to do, so the best bet is to actually emulate the lobbying system.

      Kage Lite is basically a set of generic servers used for some games, like Alien Front Online. Its a stripped down version without the bootstrap servers (like the ones used for PA and Outtrigger).
      The (full) Kage system was under constant development and featured (among other things) a bootstrap server which handled a request based on the GameID sent from the client, which then sent the appropriate response back to the client (ARP) with the corresponding gameserver address. PA and Outtrigger did NOT use the same game servers.

      In short: Few (if any) Dreamcast games used the exact same network setup, but many shared the same initial networking “login” system (bootstrap) which took care of the login aswell as redirecting to the appropriate servers based on the game you were connecting from. This is what people call “Snap”, but for the Dreamcast, the correct name for the system is Kage. There is a slideshow in the Katana SDK with information on how this system was supposed to work. 1st and 2nd party titles were very likely using this system, and some 3rd party titles aswell. This was decided by the studios themselves. For example, games like Unreal Tournament or Worms did NOT use this system, but developed their own.

      Later on, Kage evolved to what is known as Snap (like for PS2 etc), which is very similar but featured rUDP (reliable UDP) instead of just plain TCP/UDP like (most) Dreamcast games.

      Some Dreamcast games also used encryption, making the reverse engineering of the servers extremely hard without the keys. Examples of games which did use encryption, is Propeller Arena and Ooga Booga.

      The Japanese games used a completely different setup in the pre-TCP era. The first game on the DC to use a proper TCP/IP setup was Chu Chu Rocket.
      Anything before that is using the telephone switching system which I am not going to discuss here.
      Such a system required special hardware and was only used for early Japanese titles like Sega Rally 2.

      • Maybe with dreampi now being used…. could a raspberry pi be used to replace the switching system? or am i looking at it too simply?

  15. Thanks. Great read. I’m hoping eventually (large eventually) you get the full kage server running. And eventually (larger eventually) the entire library is restored

    I’m currently working on redirecting all of the games with web features (sites) to DreamPipe. Then trying to add some kind of feature for each game, like leaderboards or uploads/downloads. I’m hoping when you restore some titles it attracts people to get a DreamPi and DreamPipe helps them stick around. Since it’s contained on-console and would improve those web functions to an extent

    As unlikely as it may be it would be great to have a few hundred people concurrent across the game servers and using DreamPipe on the games with browsing like the consoles heyday

  16. @Filipe http://www.dcserv.org/?p=279#comment-155

    @Petter3k I’m not sure if you know this already, but after connecting to a Sega Sports title, the game would automatically update the rosters to the current ones if available. I’m not really huge into sports, but I know there was someone on blueswirl that made new NBA2k2 rosters until 2009. I’m pretty sure that is the case with the NFL titles as well, maybe MLB. It says so in the manual if you wanted to look. If you do not update the rosters, i’m sure there would be others to volunteer to keep them updated the best they can. Which would be pretty incredible

    A question though if you do not mind. Of any of the WIPs, is there a title where if you restore one, it partially restores others? Meaning if AFO is restored, does that make restoring the other KAGE titles easier? The same with Sega Sports as well? Or is each title different and pretty much requires the reverse engineering of the server from scratch regardless? I’ve been wondering that

  17. Hey petter3k thanks for all your hard work with bringing these games back online. I was wondering if you had to say anything new with Worms World Party?

  18. Well holy crap! Awesome to see a sports game with a possible comeback! Would love to play some hockey or football, of the American variety, online!

  19. any chance BomberMan Online get a server too?

  20. Looking into it, but one day is only 24 hours. There are alot of games people wish to see back online, and I have to prioritize which one I will decide to investigate and eventually work on.

  21. what about ooga booga online?

  22. So happy to have Worms World Party back online :)

  23. Great to see WWP back online. I look forward to playing it again. Love worms. I’ve got two questions.

    1. Which game is your next priority, if you have one.
    2. There was a PC bomberman online server made by broomop and schthack years ago IIRC. Does that game share any similarities with the Dreamcast version?

  24. what progress has been made on wsb2k2? does that open the door for the other 2k2 sports games?

  25. I cant believe you guys are reviving these old games online. I would love to see bomberman and the 2k sports games on there too. Awesome job.

  26. Any news on wsb2k2 progress?

  27. Peter3k has been missing in action for a few months now… hope evertything is ok with him. He could be just busy with life stuff.

  28. I hope peter gives us a update sometime…

  29. That’s cool. I know how life can be. Its amazing that we even have the current selection of dc titles to play online

  30. Are there any plans to start a Patreon for this effort? It seems to be a popular option for projects like CEMU and libretro. Or you sticking with the donations?

  31. Not to worry folks! Shu is currently working on brining dreamcast games back online. For those of you who dont know. He brought bavk worms a couple of months ago.

    If you plan to donate you should to this patreon


    Its ran by pcwizard and I believe he shares the donations with people like Shu and Peter3k to help bring more games back online.

    You should all be members of dreamcast-talk.com if you arent already for the lastest dreamcast news!

  32. Sorry for the typos, I cant type for crap on a cell phone

  33. Also dreamcastlive.net is another excellent resource for upcoming online game development news for dreamcast

  34. itsstillthinking

    Hey Peter any updates on anything? would love if daytona usa was brought back online, no rush though

  35. Peter3K, the list needs to be updated now :-) The ones remaining to be put back online are:
    – WSB2K2
    – Speed Devils: Online Racing
    – Unreal Tournament

  36. Peter3k has been gone for almost a year now. This site is dead. As I said before Shu is the only one doing work on games right now. If you want to see the latest news then check out dreamcastlive.net. Im posting this so you guys know posting here is pointless.

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