Game resurrected – Alien Front Online


DCSERV proudly presents:

Alien Front (back) Online

Being almost a year and a half since the announcement of work on AFO was being done, the servers have been rewritten multiple times because of changes but are now officially deployed in verbose mode (more logging).

With the kind help from N-A and Shuouma, cleaning up the servers because of changes in the target OS which mainly affected memory and CPU-usage issues not to mention debugging, testing and rewriting some portions of the servers became a breeze compared to working alone, and was needed due to incompatibilities and significant differences with the “development release” (online multiplayer compatible with the NAOMI-titleĀ Army vs Aliens) and the final-release (like key-elements such as endianness – byte order), which at the last minute resulted in splitting the AFO project away (temporarily, in a rush – which obviously resulted in me forgetting to mention some key information – compiler flags for example, supplying them sources with wrong Makefiles etc) from the ongoing KAGE-emulation project and porting the servers to Linux asap with the help of Shuouma (while also adding extra verbosely debug features not to mention hosting the servers at his own VPS!).

EDIT: Since the new target OS is now Linux instead of Solaris, the “open-testing phase” is NOW LIVE, right now!

Everyone with a DreamPi setup should visit the DreamPI website: DreamPi (for all Raspberry Pi’s) (v1.5) users is going to be able to play online, without the patcher disc – right away.
Since the target host for AFO is hardcoded in a IPv4 plain-text string, connection methods as of right now are somewhat limited.
The following is what works until the patcher disc is ready with the retail release:

  • DreamPi v1.5 on (any) Raspberry Pi (with an external modem).
  • DC-PC(Linux) with IP-redirection through IPtables (with an external modem). See IPtables rule below.
  • Using a Katana Devkit and modifying the target host IP in memory at run time.
  • Using a already modified image/rip of the game with altered IP.

IPtables rule: # iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d -j DNAT –to-destination

Again big thanks goes to both N-A, and Shuouma for their kind help and not to mention hosting the servers at his own VPS. A big thanks to everyone who has not been mentioned as well.

A big thanks to Bluecrab for making the original patcher disc in the first place and Pcwzrd13 for helping with testing and offering as much help as possible – once again, as well as spreading the word and helping with cooperation with Kazade, making his DreamPi complete and functional for this game.

Pczwzrd13 also made this video announcement for Dreamcast-Talk.

Also a big thanks to everyone who has contributed with either help and/or donations!!

More instructions are on their way once everything is complete. Meanwhile, this covers most.

While the game now works online and is about to get deployed, a new patcherdisc made by Bluecrab @ DC-Talk is in progress for those who do not run the DreamPI setup.




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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you put in on this

  2. My pleasure and you’re welcome

  3. Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations guys! That is very amazing what you do all so far! Thank you from me for supporting dc community!
    Lets play online!!! :D

  5. Thanks for all the time everyone spent on this, just tried my first few rounds, and it’s fucking amazing. Better than expected

    10/10 Petter3k and team. Really outdid yourselves

  6. Congratulations for this amazing project man!

  7. Hello Peter! Thanks for game! I want you ask, Outtrigger back Online in Future? Thanks for response.

  8. This is really amazing news! Thank you for your hard work, time and patience. If my experience in re Dreamcast code can be of any help, please let me know.

    Thank you again,

  9. Thanks you very very much !!
    Excellent news.

    Now, we want Daytona USA Online ! :-)

  10. Very happy seeing this one being back online, big up for Petterk and to all those involved.

  11. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You have done more in the past year for DC online than most were able to in ten years.

    Any info on the BBA supported version you had mention perhaps getting released? That still have a chance of releasing?

  12. Hey Petter3k, what’s the likelihood of a server status/current online player count page on dcserv?

  13. you have no idea how happy this makes me!! i love alien front online!! one question, will there be voice chat? i know the original online had it

  14. oh and one more thing, can anyone host a server? i have plenty of pc’s i barely ever use and will be happy to host a dedicated server!

  15. this is so awesome. It’s amazing to see so much active DC support in one place. I look forward to seeing what other DC online projects are in store, and I hope to eventually learn how to load and use all the programs to get my own DC up online

  16. This is awesome I know I’m late but better now or never so got to get me a dream Pi set up

  17. Your commitment to this project has been greatly appreciated. You are part of bring the history of Sega back to life.

    Thank you so much.

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