DC: Toy Racer – Now online for modem users

Kazade has now released his version of his approach on emulating the DreamArena authentication server and Toy Racer should now be accessible online for anyone, and not just BBA users.

This is great news for the community, and even though other people have had similar projects, time has been an issue and the project was not released because of the lack of time to finish up the last pieces.

Anyway, you can read more about it here.



Petter K.


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  1. Thanks for the post! Much appreciated! If anyone is interested the code for the server can be found here: https://gitlab.com/Kazade/dc-phoenix (it’s all open source). Also the protocol (as we understand it) is here: http://dreamcast.wikidot.com/dreamarena-authentication

    Thanks for padding out the wiki Petter, that’s really awesome :)

  2. Great work Kazade. If dc-phoenix and dcserv combine their efforts, great things can probably be achieved in shorter increments of time

    • Im open to this proposal when the time is right – my first priority however, is to get titles back online. Everyone with packet logs for games which are currently offline or the VMU save for Daytona, please let me know.

  3. Hello Petter K! When you Outtrigger returns to online? Thanks.

  4. The memories of alien front online haunt me. The first time I played on the bottom right you would see 3 of your teammates and yourself written on a blue box with white lettering. When someone spoke you knew who it was because on the bottom right a dot with a waves would come appear next to the person talking. You could only hear your teammates during a match, but during a transition (score screen, loading next map) you can hear everyone. If I remember correctly you could also change your tank? It was really a sound clip but i was fun seeing the mic logo go off when a nuke hit multiple enemies. Btw I still have a dial up connection + 2 broadband ones. Let me know if you need help seeing if the network behavior is correct, I’ll do my best based on my memory.

    • Cool info – I actually never owned this game until I got my second Dreamcast years later after my first one died and was replace with an Xbox. Also, the game was only released as NTSC, and at that time, boot discs was somewhat harder to get your hands on, atleast in PAL territories.

  5. I don’t understand how this works. What do I do with the file? How can my Dreamcast dial in to the new server?

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