Worms World Party – Back on testing

So there’s quite a bit of progress on the servers for Worms World Party aswell.

I cant comment on any details right now but this sure looks promising.

However I still dont have enough time for all of these projects at once, so there’s going be work done on this with my free time for a decent amount of time as this seems closer to completion than any other title atm.




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  1. Amazing stuff. This would change things up a bit from the library now

    I’ll be looking forward to this a lot

  2. Thats a grear news! Keep your great work!! Thank you Petter! :)

  3. Thanks for an update. frequent updates are always appreciated. Shame this game is dialup only. Another reason why I have to get that dreampi setup together soon.

    • I’m hoping to have the dial tone generation working soon. There’s something that goes a bit funny with the USB modem after generating a dial tone which causes PPP to then fail. I’m working on it! :)

      I’ll make sure that this is one of the games I test with once the server is ready.

  4. Hello Petter,

    This is a really nice news. I loved this game!
    If you need some beta testing, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    I have 3 BBA so I can do some tests for you!


  5. Have you managed to get the games started past the point of them being in the same room?
    Once from there it should be P2P

  6. Good news! Can’t wait to see that game back online :)
    I hope someday Bomberman Online will get to that point, I miss it!

  7. Just leaving this here in case anyone wants to join when or before Petter3k finishes this. Maybe he can make a post for this, or add it somewhere on the site

    I have a Skype group for Dreamcast online. So if you want to play some DC multiplayer but nobody is online, send a message here. We usually play if we can. There’s 56 people at the time of this comment

    It is not for voice or video. There is a lot of text chat, but notifications can be turned off easily
    I’d like to get a majority of the people who play this, so whenever anyone wants to they can get a game going with ease. With more people the easier that becomes

  8. Please bring back Speed Devils Online!!!!!!

  9. Draft some dead , Peter does absolutely nothing .

    It would be better for him not undertake , again nothing is being done . It’s been a very long time , but in the end nothing has been done .

    Thanks to Peter you for your dead works

    • Dude really? Peter has done a great service to the dreamcast communinty. I also understand as he has stated he has a life outside of his projects. So give the guy a break.

    • Next time try to be more kind with your words. For him to bring back the servers for some games i don’t think hiw have a lot free time. For all this need a lot of patient!

    • While there are more diplomatic ways of expressing your frustrated anticipation, he has somewhat of a point

      I’m sure alot of us would be cool with a public, buggy W.I.P. server than waiting. The memory of the moband adapter is still fresh lol

  10. Can I beta test the multiplayer for this?

  11. Hey Petter3k, Happy New Year

    I’m sure we all understand real life has taken a lot of your time lately. But could you give us an update on your projects? Any new progress on kage server emu? Are Worms and AFO making progress or have you gotten stuck? An update post would reassure a lot of us

    Thanks for your work

    • Thanks to all of the support and (some) critics.
      Well tbh the reason Im not posting direct details regarding any project is simply because I cannot under no circumstance *guarantee* anything up until that point. Another reason is my email is pretty much full every single day from people asking about this and that, and if theres a chance could be revived, status etc. While I understand the enthusiasm, please respect that this is holidays (for some of us atleast, Chirismas) which is meant to be spent with family and friends, not day in and day out on a computer.

      On topic: Worms is moving slow party due to this being a colab. AFO is WIP as we cannot get throuh an error sent from server to client due to data size mismatch. To be honest i dont feel ANY obligation to inform you guys about things like this, but since you are asking for this so directly, I’ll deal with it right now.
      This IS for the Dreamcast community, but it is NOT a gift from me to every single one of you and not always my #1 priority. Real life has its challenges sometimes and making time go up is not easy, especially when your working with people who have a time difference of 6-8 hours. This means LOONG nights.
      The other games will be updated with their appropriate status.

      Thanks for the feedback though.

      • And also, if the amount of people who complains about the speed of this project either here or by email instead left a small donation through Paypal, the progress WOULD have been closer to success.
        Im not TELLING you to do so, Im SAYING that instead of making stupid insults or in general ruin the motivation behind this WHOLE idea, you could instead raise it by pressing the donation buton.

        • Hi Petter, Thanks for the update, I think the community is excited and impatient and might not realize how much effort and time these sorts of things take. If you don’t mind me saying i think you should add a FAQ to the site and maybe request not to be emailed unless it could help you.

      • Great, thanks for the update. It’s good to hear

        An explanation of the mass excitement and impatience, imo, is if a lot of those people had the skill to do what you’re doing. They’d probably work on it perpetually until they completed it. And as a result find it hard to understand that you do not have the same level of enthusiasm or free time they do. Else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d0234lkBXw

        As far as donations go, I agree wholeheartedly. I would’ve done so already if I could, maybe soon

        But to put it in perspective for others: Would you dig the town pool quickly, alone, and for free?

  12. Thanks Petter for the update.

    Totally understandable that life takes priority, as it seems you are the only person (that I know of) bringing back Dreamcast games online it seems like your the only point of contact.

    Anyone within the Dreamcast community would be excited about any news even if it’s a cause of having some issues with testing etc, but as you’ve mentioned you don’t have to report back anything, of course we appreciate you doing so.

    I (along with the website I own) would happily donate when I’m sat in the WWP server singing along to Boggy B.

    Best of luck and hope you had a good Christmas and new year.

  13. I recently bought dreamcast (2015) and Saturn (2014) but have been Mega driver for long time. So I can’t tell you the excitement i have, trying some of my favorite games on Dreamcast. Worms is one of them and i love it, completed the missions, and am eager to be able to join online and play with you guys, and of course happily donate for the work done on restoring WWP online.

  14. my bro in law introduced me to worms and we had epic battles. would love to play with him online on the classic dreamcast!!!!

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