Work In Progress: Alien Front Online


I am pleased to announce that we have gathered new leads, information and technology that will greatly aid us in our progress of bringing the network-functions of Alien Front Online back, for good.

As of right now the game is not revived but its merely a matter of time. New infrastructure is in the works and it may possibly help us on our mission to revive other similar titles back aswell.

I hope this will get some hardcore enthusiasts very happy!


Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.


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  1. Wow petter you’re a prophet. I check this site often, this is a pleasant surprise. I bid you good luck and i look forward to playing/fiddling with whatever you get working

  2. Great news!, Alien Front Online uses SNAP if i’m not mistaken? does this mean that other SNAP titles are more likely to come online now?

    Thanks for your work Petter, Really amazing that these games are coming back online.

  3. Great work guys, looking forward to seeing this title being resurrected. This has been one of my favorite (online) Dreamcast games, so I’m really happy with this.

  4. Fantastic news, I’d love to play this again! Thank you for all the hard work guys.

  5. Thats great news!! :D

    Its possible with SNAP to work online and Propeller Arena too?

    Keep the great work!!


  6. I’m currently sick at home with some free time on my hands this week. Let me know if you need a hand testing. I’ve got a BBA and a copy of the game (possibly the mic as well) and am located in NYC.

  7. AFO is one of my favorite DC games… I missed being able to play it while the servers were online, and have always longed to do so. Thus, this is spectacular news. Well done, guys!

  8. well done I cant wait to use my mic !

  9. This is fantastic news! I’ve been working on recreating a working SN@P server for a year now (Resident Evil Outbreak on PS2) and got pretty far. I’d love to get my hands on some original source code or a working binary just to see how close my emulation is to the original and more important tomfix the remaining bugs. Keep us updated, Petter!

    • Fog, I have noticed the work done on Snap for RE, however could not find any details on how far you have gotten or the code in general. I could probably help you out.

      • Here’s some video footage about the progress: and . Basically, entering online lobbies, creating and querying games is working, ingame online works with the public beta of the game which has a autostart feature, but only as single player. Starting games in the NTSC-U and PAL versions is not working, mainly because starting games is only possible with at least two players and joining a gameroom is broken, no matter what I tried. I suspect errors in my “rudp”-handling.

  10. itsstillthinking1999

    so anything new?

    • Hi,

      Work-related projects have had me occupied for some time now, but hopefully the upcoming weeks I will be able to get more stuff done for dcserv aswell.

  11. itsstillthinking1999

    Hope the work related projects are going well but just wanted to see if anything is new (no rush) and if you still need someone how has real dial-up im still available

  12. AND WHAT WITH ALIEN FRONT ONLINE ???? WHERE NEWS ………………………. It has already passed a few months

  13. Been slowly watching dc after dc title get brought back online. Really looking forward to this one. Any chance of a big update by the end of the year…. I’m not expecting this thing to be up and running100% probably for another 2 years. Plus this is a hobby project but any news would be awesome. Keep up the awesome work.

  14. I make custom arcade cabinets, and I am completing a special Alien Front Online specific cab in high anticipation of someone getting this game online again.
    Petter, you can check out my earlier Dreamcast Arcade Cabinets here-
    My fullsize Dreamcast Arcade Cabinets are at the end of the video at about the 38 minute mark.

  15. itstillthinking1999

    so any thing new/ updates

  16. Read my comment in the newest post or check out the WIP page again :)

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