SNAP Mobile SDK archive publicly available


Thanks to LordNikon at, the SNAP Mobile SDK by Nokia is now publicly available again.

LordNikon uploaded an archive containing all of the public releases made by Nokia and may prove useful to us on the road to getting back Sega SNAP-powered online titles for the Dreamcast.

For those who don’t know what SNAP Mobile is, it’s the networking platform Nokia acquired by SEGA some time after SEGA discontinued the Dreamcast, and may be similar to the SNAP platform that SEGA themselves used for certain online titles. These SDKs used to be available for download from back when it was used as a networking platform for mobile phones. Worth noting is that not only does these include samples and sources, but also includes the SNAP server emulator.

EDIT: Snap was probably not used much for the Dreamcast, but PS2, Xbox and GC.

Download available at Software-page.



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  1. Does anyone have try it out? Any progress on getting Bomberman or Worms World Party back online?

  2. I tried rigging up wireshark and messing with this and outtrigger. But this was for nokia and was probably rebuilt since sega sold it, so you couldnt use this the way it is right? You have to find the code still there from sega’s original?

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